how to cook potatoes in skin

Potatoes in skin provide lots of minerals and vitamins. And I must confess; potatoes in skin taste better when dressed. Than when in the nude

To soak: at least 60 min.

To prepare & boil: 20 – 30 min. (depends upon size and amount of potatoes)

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editor's note

Potatoes grow from plants. With lovely flowers. That prove the plant is ready to grow and make potatoes. I eat potatoes with their skin. Not only for their taste. But also for the extra vitamin c, calcium and magnesium the skins provide. However if you do not like them dressed. Please do peel them before you cook them in the nude


  1. 6 potatoes (firm and not too large in size)



  • a Saucepan
  • a Lid or Plate 
  • a Fork
  • a Sieve or Colander


Preparation Part 1: 60 min.

  • Wash potatoes
  • And let them soak for at least 60 minutes in a bowl
  • Cover bowl with lid or plate


Preparation Part 2: 20 – 30 min.

  1. Turn on the heat
  2. Fill saucepan with plenty of water
  3. Add potatoes to pan
  4. Boil potatoes (boiling time depends upon size of the Potatoes)
  5. Use fork and check largest potato whether it is done
  6. If so, the rest is good to go
  7. Rinse boiled potatoes with cold water
  8. Sieve potatoes
  9. Clean saucepan
  10. Return cooked potatoes to clean pan
  11. Cover pan with lid or plate
  12. Let the potatoes rest for a bit ( 5 min. before serving and 15 min. before storing in fridge)
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