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Hi, I’m Emilie! If you’re looking for tips & tricks. On how to prepare comfort food at home. Please have a scroll, or use the orange search box. And you will land on your results page. Full of posts on how to blanch, sauté, soak, make lebneh, you name it

Hand mashed potatoes

Hand mashed potatoes provide more structure than the French version of purée. And this bite comes in handy when you mix boiled potatoes with the warm juices of cooked vegetables. Like chicory, fermented white cabbage or kale. This cooking tip is about mashing cooked potatoes with a fork or an old school potato masher. That will need less hassle, than the usage of a kitchen processor or an electric handmixer.

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what is parboiling

What is the term for shortly cooking vegetables in boiling hot water. Is a question I sometimes receive. The answer is parboiling. And this term is sometimes mixed-up with blanching

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how to make puffed meat rolls

How to make puffed meat rolls is both a cooking tip and a recipe. You could add any stuffing you like to sheets of puffed pastry. And this post will help you to make the puffed rolls. That will require not a lot of work. The oven will do all the puffing and flavouring. The latter by herbs or spices that you add to mince. Whether you use beef, pork, lamb, or chicken. All is good. As long as each buttery roll will give you comfort

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how to cook long grain rice

This is an old school cooking tip. On how to cook long grain rice. So in this post there is no rice cooker or electric steamer involved. Just use a saucepan and a stove or outside grill

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how to steam couscous

This is a cooking tip on how to steam couscous. As you might know couscous is the name for a bunch of tiny wheat balls. That people in the northern part of Africa steam in a special pot. With the wonderful name tagine. It’s form is unique and beautiful. However this pot is taking a lot of space in a kitchen. Hence my solution to use a sieve and a clean linen kitchen towel

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how to make meatballs

From a friend, that worked at a local butcher shop in the south of Holland. I learned how to make meatballs. Made from a mix of beef & pork mince. And double coated with bread crumbs. With this post I like to handover her cooking tip to you

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how to make a vol au vent

This is a recipe for a French vol au vent. That literally means that it’s full of it. It a puff pastry box with a lid. That I remember was used to serve as a serving bowl or plate. So you were not expected to eat this show boat

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