how to make puffed meat rolls

How to make puffed meat rolls is both a cooking tip and a recipe. You could add any stuffing you like to sheets of puffed pastry. And this post will help you to make the puffed rolls. That will require not a lot of work. The oven will do all the puffing and flavouring. The latter by herbs or spices that you add to mince. Whether you use beef, pork, lamb, or chicken. All is good. As long as each buttery roll will give you comfort

week menu 07

Week menu 07 is all about the use of Coriander (Cilantro), Cucumber, Grapefruit, Mint and Parsley. In order to give you a week’s menu that is full of fresh dishes. That will cool you down. Or give you a bit of extra energy. Either way, all dishes have this great taste. And make you enjoy the summer’s output of fresh herbs and fruits

bubbly cucumber soup

This bubbly soup is to make within 15 minutes. And best to drink when it’s hot outside. And there is no gentle breeze to find. It’s a refreshing cucumber drink. That is light with a bit of a jalapeño kick. A subtle bit, not much

zesty sweet sauce

The ingredients of this zesty sweet sauce come from a grapefruit and a lemon. This sauce is sweetened with a bit of honey. And that is it! And great with chilled jasmin (pandan) rice, blanched carrots or fresh tomatoes

pink jasmin rice & cucumber salad

This rice salad is fresh and light. And an easy base for leftovers. Like shrimps, cod, haddock, chicken, cooked ham. Mango or strawberries. In other words, this is a recipe for a zesty sweet bowl on a summer’s day

how to cook long grain rice

This is an old school cooking tip. On how to cook long grain rice. So in this post there is no rice cooker or electric steamer involved. Just use a saucepan and a stove or outside grill

pulled crab stick rice bowl

This a perfect bowl for a lazy summer Sunday. The base is cooked long grain rice. That is rinsed with cold water. And with the addition of pulled crab sticks (aka surimi sticks) and a strong green tsatsiki sauce. Makes this recipe a candidate for my top 10 list of comfortable dishes

green tsatsiki sauce

Tsatsiki sauce is a classic dip sauce. With a long history. And most probably its name is younger than its recipe. However many people know this white dip sauce from their visits to a Greek island. A dipper with fresh herbs like mint and parsley. Not to forget cucumber, garlic and yoghurt. My version had a visit to the blender. That makes this sauce green, fresh and bubbly. A good mate for strong snacks like spicy lamb rolls

how to steam couscous

This is a cooking tip on how to steam couscous. As you might know couscous is the name for a bunch of tiny wheat balls. That people in the northern part of Africa steam in a special pot. With the wonderful name tagine. It’s form is unique and beautiful. However this pot is taking a lot of space in a kitchen. Hence my solution to use a sieve and a clean linen kitchen towel

choco pear on toast

This is breakfast for people that have an intensive day ahead. Full of sports, activities and deadlines. It’s a stack of toast. That is fully coated with hazelnut chocolate paste and slices of an overripe pear