Marinated Potatoes from the Oven

This potato recipe does not ask for your cooking skills. But for coordination and multi-tasking. And the key to its success is a great marinade

Simple Dried Herb Marinade

The Fruit & Veg Stall Trader secretly had added a bunch of dried Rosemary & Thyme. To a bag of small potatoes. That I bought last week at the Farmer’s Market. This gentle gesture made me create a Marinade. With a Soul

Lemon Curd Muesli Yoghurt

This is the time of the year to buy quality Lemons. And make Lemon Curd. This super sweet Lemon Jam is so good with a bowl of Muesli

emilies meal plan 02

This week is about introducing summer. With fresh produce that has been grown outside. And dairy that has been made from milk. Of goats, sheep and cows that breath outside in the open air

Merguez Couscous

Merguez Couscous is a one pot dish. That you could eat lukewarm at home. Or as cold snack on the go