leftover cooked potato soup

Leftover cooked potatoes will turn a simple bouillon stock into a rustic shepherd’s soup.That you can enrich with minced meat, strips of bacon, cooked ham, mussels etc.

Marinated Potatoes from the Oven

This potato recipe does not ask for your cooking skills. But for coordination and multi-tasking. And the key to its success is a great marinade

Green Beans with Tomatoes & Feta

Green beans are my friends. I eat them warm or chilled. After a short cook. And short is your key to get those crunchy beans. That are so good. Just with a sprinkle of sea salt. Yes, I believe I have tried to convey you. Green beans are my friends

Hamburger & Courgette on a Roll

BBQ season is starting off. And I grilled a couple of Hamburgers on baking paper. In order to collect all juices. That I later on used to marinate thin slices of Courgette. This is what you call a double Jammy

Chipotle Potatoes

Spicy Potato Wedges are the best. My preference is to marinate cooked wedges of Potatoes in chipotle spices infused oil. And roast them after they had a bit of rest. In a steaming hot skillet

Dutch Yoghurt pancakes

Fluffy Breakfast Pancakes spiced with Cinnamon, Anise, Cloves and more. And with fluffiness I mean a light and airy substance. That is easy to deal with in the early morning

Bacon Spinach Pita

Leftover Spinach makes great content. For a Pita. That you enrich with Stilton, strips of grilled Bacon and onions

Beet Hot Sauce

Beet Hot sauce is best to eat with juicy Hamburgers. Or French Fries. No wait: any thing fatty & juicy that comes from your grill. And would need a sweet but hot sauce. That will blend perfectly with your grilled or fried food. Full of comfort

Au bain marie

Au Bain Marie is a French technique. To warm up or melt delicate ingredients. Like Chocolate or Egg Yoke. That is sensitive to heat. So you need a large casserole or saucepan with a thick bottom. To warm up water. And let a bowl float in it