oven-baked spicy mussels

This is a leftover recipe. Based upon an idea that you can tailor. The idea is a Dutch street food dish with the name “Patatje Gehakt”. That is about French fries and spicy mince (minced meat). That you bake in a steaming hot oven

cauliflower penne pasta

In this recipe I use leftover spicy cauliflower soup to make this bowl of comfort. Penne pasta coated with a thick parmesan cheesy sauce

leftover cooked potato soup

Leftover cooked potatoes will turn a simple bouillon stock into a rustic shepherd’s soup.That you can enrich with minced meat, strips of bacon, cooked ham, mussels etc.

Cilantro relish cheese pita

The very first bite of this vegetable stuffed Pita bread will give you a sense of spiciness. However some creamy blue cheese will calm things down

Marinated Potatoes from the Oven

This potato recipe does not ask for your cooking skills. But for coordination and multi-tasking. And the key to its success is a great marinade

Chipotle Potatoes

Spicy Potato Wedges are the best. My preference is to marinate cooked wedges of Potatoes in chipotle spices infused oil. And roast them after they had a bit of rest. In a steaming hot skillet

tomato carrot red pepper soup

This soup is more of a very fresh mash of sautéed Tomatoes, Carrots, a Red Pepper and red Onions. And is best to eat right away. When all the bubbles are still there