lemon curd

Lemon Curd is a zesty alternative to a Jam, Peanut Butter, Hazelnut Chocolate Paste. Or a Marmelade

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Store in closed jar for 2 weeks in fridge

emilies kensington gardens

When I think of Lemon Curd I think of Paul Rhodes Notting  Hill Gate Bakery. Unfortunately this branch is not open anymore. But for me it was a beacon. In my first years trying to make a living in London. The named bakery sold Lemon Tarts. And the combination of its dough (in French terms Pâte Brisée) and its Lemony Curd was brilliant. So with the little budget I had. I would buy a single Tart. And eat it. While sitting on a bench. In my favourite gardens at the opposite side of the road. And the odd thing is. I’m not a fan of tarts. But this zesty combination of Butter, Lemon, Sugar and soft Wheat made my heart melt


  1. 1x Large Lemon
  2. 60 Grams of Cream Butter 
  3. 4x Eggs
  4.  1x Cup of white Muscavado Sugar


  • a Casserole or Saucepan (with a thick bottom)
  • a Pyrex or Duralex glass Bowl (that could float within pan)
  • a Whisk
  • a Grater
  • a Spatula
  • a Juice Squeezer or Juicer
  • a Jar with Lid
  • a clean Kitchen Towel


  1. Wash lemon
  2. Towel it dry
  3. Grate it’s skin
  4. Add pulp to the glass bowl
  5. Cut lemon in half
  6. Squeeze juice from both halves
  7. Break eggs 
  8. Pour their contents in glass bowl
  9. Add sugar
  10. Cut butter into small chunks
  11. Click on the post that is devoted to Au Bain Marie
  12. Execute according to all steps (1-12)
  13. The curd is ready when the sauce is thickening
  14. Remove the bowl from the watwe
  15. Let it rest 
  16. When cold, pour curd into Jar
  17. Store closed jar in fridge (max. 14 days)
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