cheese omelette

The 2021 show of Emily in Paris inspired me to make cheese omelettes again. It’s so easy to make. And when you succeed to get the parmesan cheese melted within your omelette. You might consider to become a handsome chef

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editor's note

The reason why people love French omelettes is bi-fold. The 1st reason is the bubbly soft texture of an omelette. And the second is melted cheese. That is slowly running out of the inner core of an opened omelette. What else could I add to convince you to beat up some eggs. And try out this recipe. Probably you need to tailor my instructions. For I cook on direct induction. And you might cook on gas. Hence my suggestion to prepare this dish a few times. And adjust the instructions. According to your conditions & requirements


  • 2 eggs
  • 1 cup of freshly grated Parmigiano-Reggiano cheese
  • 10 gr. of cream butter
  • 1 tbs. of olive oil
  • Optional: freshly grounded pepper


  • a skillet or pan with a thick bottom
  • a grater 
  • a large bowl (pref. not plastic)
  • a whisk
  • a lid or plate
  • a spatula 
  1. Grate cheese
  2. Break eggs in bowl
  3. Beat eggs with whisk until all liquids turn into foam
  4. Act swiftly
  5. The longer you wait, the more foam will loose its cool
  6. Turn on the heat
  7. Add butter & oil to skillet
  8. Wait until butter is melting
  9. Stir and mix oil & butter with spatula
  10. Pour in egg foam
  11. Make sure the foam has been evenly poured into the skillet
  12. Cover skillet with lid or plate
  13. Wait 2 minutes
  14. Remove lid or plate
  15. Take spatula and slowly unstick your omelette from the bottom of  skillet
  16. When you can turn your omelette without breaking it
  17. Turn it
  18. Act swiftly, again
  19. Give your skillet a few shakes, so some air will come in between your omelette and bottom of the pan 
  20. Add grated cheese
  21. With your spatula.  Lift and press half of your omelette to the other side. So you get this half moon shaped eggy pancake
  22. Place lid or plate on skillet
  23. And count back from 30 to 0
  24. Remove lid or plate
  25. And lift your omelette out of skillet
  26. Serve on a plate
  27. Add freshly grounded pepper
  28. Bon appétit!
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