For comfortable starters

In Holland there is an old saying. That you should have breakfast like an emporor. Have lunch like a gentleman. And eat dinner like a farmer. Yes, I know this is from the old days. But a great breakfast will give you some extra “ammo” to start your day. With success! Scroll down for recipes. Or type your favourite starter in the orange search box. And a list of recipes will appear in your search results page

baked apple muesli

Baked apple in cream butter is a delight. Add some muesli and crunched pecan nuts to your skillet. And you are in heaven. Combine with a dollop of lebneh, skyr or a plant-based alternative. And you have a solid starter on top of your piece of heaven

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cheese omelette

The 2021 show of Emily in Paris inspired me to make cheese omelettes again. It’s so easy to make. And when you succeed to get the parmesan cheese melted within your omelette. You might consider to become a handsome chef

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lemon cress smoothie

Cress or garden cress does contain lots of vitamins and some minerals. And I’m a fan of this herb. As a kid I got freshly harvested garden cress on a cream buttered sweet bread. With sugar on top. Yep. Heaven. It’s a herb that you could grow indoors, in the garden or on your balcony. And naturally. To buy in a carton at your local supermarket. It has this nutty bitter taste that is perfect with honey and yoghurt. To make a quick smoothie for on the go

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choco pear on toast

This is breakfast for people that have an intensive day ahead. Full of sports, activities and deadlines. It’s a stack of toast. That is fully coated with hazelnut chocolate paste and slices of an overripe pear

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Lemon Peach Infusion

Bring in the summer palette. And start your day with a Lemon Peach Infusion. That will perfectly work aside your mug of coffee or tea

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