comfort food. That’s me.


Yes, Comfort Food is my favourite food. It's about food that makes you comfortable. And my twist to this "street cuisine". Is the use of ingredients that are as organic as possible. From farm to plate is probably the best term. To cover my interest in the direct delivery of produce to consumers

Every Wednesday there is a Farmer’s Market; close to my home. And this outdoor event landmarks my weekly- menu planning & stock control. And based upon the availability of quality products at the stalls, I stipulate a weekly menu. For the upcoming 6 days. This method helps me to create lovely dishes throughout the week. And I must confess I spend less money on processed food. And last minute shopping at the nearby supermarket. In case this would appeal to you. Please be my guest. And subscribe to my weekly newsletter. Have a great day! Emilie

"Good food will make your day!"

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