About emilies


The best interiors are built up over time from layers of personal experience

“Welcome to emilies scrapbook. It is a collection of scraps and cuttings. Wherever I’m, I buy a stack of magazines and look for new ideas, tips etc. About 6 times a year I sit down with a pot of tea and create moodboards based upon the latest results from the previous scrap hunting. This hobby started after my big trip to Australia in 2001.

About emilies

In Sydney I was a guest of a famous stylist that lived with her family in a glass house.
The colour palettes were a feast for my eyes. While working around in the stylist’s home I got to understand the reason behind the applied colour palettes. The stylist was playing with light. And while playing she optimised the floor plan of each room. From this trip onwards I have tried to learn from colour palettes that chefs, stylists, gardeners and designers apply in their work. With this blog I like open the conversation on colours and the positive impact on your home”

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