emilies 360˚ANALYSis

When you have executed a few (live) selling performances. You might want to optimise your overall sales. And I will help you improve your overall sales performance. And teach you how to read & interpret some dashboards. That Facebook & Google are providing you for free

This time, next year. It has been 10 years that I have created my first 360˚ Analysis for Ikea Europe. That, at the time, produced her own television show on Dutch Primetime TV. My job was to find correlations in between in-store footprint, online searches for products and TV ratings 

For Ikea, I monitored peaks in in-store footprint, online visitors, and TV ratings. And mapped the listed data against in-store and online sales. With those insights, I could convince my reporting manager to change the scheduled timings of campaigns (radio, TV, Print, online and in-store)

And due this amazing pro-deo contract, I learned that the impact of streaming media is substantial. And seriously to consider. Streaming Commerce will fill in the gap in between your in-store, online activities. However it will take some time to gather followers on streaming media. Hence my consult to experiment. And learn from you previous performances. And have a bit of patience. Streaming Commerce is in a learning curve. So it’s the right time to add streaming media to your business strategy