seinfestijn haarlem

Seinfestijn Haarlem is a quarterly festival at a remarkable location. Seinfestijn is housed at a former headquarters of the Dutch national rail network. This specific unit was responsible for all railroad signals. Until 2000 the landmark building was in full action.  And in 2011 the red brick became subject to a total make-over. With the help of private investors and crowdfunding it is now converted into a sustainable hub. The name of this social enterprise is Seinwezen.

Seinwezen, Haarlem

Seinwezen is hard to translate in English. The closest explanation of this word, is the business of managing signals. Seinwezen is not only about the conservation of industrial heritage. First of all, Seinwezen is about people that have a connection with the property itself. Its leafy settings and to Haarlem. The Seinwezen address is :

Kinderhuissingel 1

2013 AS Haarlem

Now back to the Seinfestijn. The first edition of 2018 will take place on Sunday 18.03.18. Seinfestijn will open this year with a theme that is probably close to your heart; that is Spring. Hence emilies’ idea to come with a collection of vintage garden tools, lanterns, pots, baskets etc. Hopefully this curation of old and new will get you into the mood for Spring.


Seinfestijn will start at 11am and will close at 18pm. Good coffee, quality food and unique workshops will bring you the right level of entertainment. Seinwezen is close to Haarlem’s Central Station. It will take only 8 minutes to walk from the station to the Kinderhuissingel.

Would love to see you there!


  • emilies collection for Seinfestival barets and shades