february sun

February Sun is the name for this month’s edition. February is a transition month and bridges the prime start of a new year with the upcoming spring. In this period people are in dire need of some sun. Some look for this source of energy in the Alpine mountains. Others soak the first sun beams on a bench in a park nearby. Those rays wash the sombre colour palette of winter. They are giving this happy finish to life.

Get ready for spring

This edition is about getting ready for spring. You could read the post about fashionable items to add to your existing wardrobe. Or the little article that could inspire you to add some touches of February Sun to your interiors. Before I will end this February edition I will share an easy recipe with Sauerkraut, dry white wine and hot dogs. The very last post is about the added value of eating this fermented cabbage in white.

I hope this edition with the title February Sun will get you prepared for longer days with hopefully lots of sun.


  • February Sun Country Colour Palette in Blue