Pumpkin’s Vitamins

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Organic pumpkins at Clifton Greens, 16 Clifton Road London

Pumpkin contains lots of vitamins. I’m not a nutritionist. However with a bit of pragmatic sense you and I can read a nutrition facts label. The Condé Nast network owns a great website with the name Self Nutrition Data This is a digital repository cramped with nutrition facts labels and recipes. In other words a great resource for emilies blog.

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Pumpkin nutrition fact label by Nutritiondata.self.com



The selection criteria for this blog post, is 116 grams (1 cup) of raw pumpkin. Selfnutritiondata presented this nutrition table with an interesting result. That is the presence of Beta Carotene (3596 micrograms) in a cup of raw pumpkin.

Carrots have Beta Carotene as well. It is said that Beta Carotene will improve eyesight. Based upon this simplified observation, you might consider to add a pumpkin to your grocery list. Pumpkin is a seasonal product that you could buy at your local farmer’s market or veg & fruit store. There are many ways to use pumpkin. You could make cakes, muffins, soups, mashes, pasta, you name it. Here a recipe for a spicy soup, Pumpkin Salsa.

I like to end with Pumpkin Seed Oil. This oil is very popular in Germany. They apply Pumpkin Seed Oil in salad dressings.  The flavour is a bit nutty and tastes great with ruccola and goat cheese. The very last but not the least value retrieve from Pumpkin Seed Oil, that it is great for the mature skin. Check out the Facial Oil by True Botanicals.

List of West-London stores | stalls that sell pumpkins

  • Clifton Greens, 16 Clifton Road
  • Bens Fruit & Vegetables, 80 Westbourne Grove
  • Saturday Notting Hill Farmers Market, Kensington Church Street
  • Veggie stall in front of Sainsbury Local, 188-199 Portobello Road




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