Pumpkin Seed Oil

True Botanicals face oil
Pure Radiance Oil by True Botanicals

I have done a little research on organic beauty products that have pumpkin seed oil as an ingredient. There is this Californian brand that I follow, that is True Botanicals.

The founding ladies behind True Botanicals are Hillary Peterson and Christina Mace-Turner. Their combined passion is luxury skincare that is safe, potent and proven.

True Botanicals’ Pure Radiance Oil is a face oil that eliminates infection and reduces inflammation. Pumpkin seed oil has lots of Vitamin A. It is one out of the many natural ingredients that will contribute to a calming effect on the skin.

The title of emilies blog is: live life in style with more dash than cash. However the price of Pure Radiance Oil involves a bit more cash. But there is always a solution; you could get $20 of your first online order, when taking the true botanicals quiz.

True Botanicals is not available in London stores. However you could order online. Please be aware of the fact that on top of your order, you will receive a separate bill in your mail box from the carrier to cover the costs for customs fees.