november 2017: editor’s Letter

  • Organic pumpkins at Clifton Greens, 16 Clifton Road London

Good morning,

Potentially you could read this editor’s letter when the morning passed hours ago. My name is Emilie, your editor, and the reason to start wishing you a great morning is a crisp start. That is how I like to start my day. A day with fresh brewed coffee, with new chances plus renewed energy. Ready to rollout new ideas.

Emilies blog

Please consider emilies blog as your fresh start, when you are a bit stuck in your creative process. Whether you are re-decorating a room or getting your wardrobe ready for the new season.

The idea behind

The idea behind this blog is to live life in style but with a bit more consideration to our planet, yourself and your creditcard. The relevance of emilies blog will grow overtime. Every day emilies will upload more content that eventually will develop in to a digital repository filled with tips & tricks on affordable luxury and good food.

PS: When you are in London, please drop by emilies stall at the Sunday Ezra Street Market. A cup of fresh brewed coffee will be waiting for you