pumpkin salsa

Pumpkin Salsa is the name for this month’s colour board. Tones in red, burnt orange and yellow bring people into a festive mood, that eventually will lead to the Christmas period. In case you would prefer to tone down this fiery palette, you could add lots of green, tones in beige or brown.

Pumpkin Salsa

The gallery (see below) might support my little advice; that is to apply this tone in orange with care when it comes to your home, hotel or office. Tones in orange could add some spice to a room. However, over time, it might become stale. If you’re a die-hard fan of this colour range, you could consider to buy decorative- rugs or cushions that will bring in your beloved tone(s) to your living, study or guest room.

  • Subtle usage of orange by Shaun & Carlos, Traders Ezra Street