Retro Manor


retro manor update - 1The title Retro Manor has a bit of an autumn touch. And there is a dual cause for today’s choice. The weather in London has not been great lately. Due to ongoing rain the trees in the private garden down my window are turning yellow. Another signal is from retail; the shops on Kensington High Street have been fully re-stocked with the new fall collection.

Retro Manor

Retro Manor is a combination of Greenish Teal, Khaki Green and Cobalt Blue. The palette is quite bold and will do good in rooms that are facing north or missing natural light. Retro Manor would not be great to apply in a sunlit room for the fact that the named colours will become dull. In the army soldiers wear Khaki Green and Green-ish Teal for camouflage purposes.

Khaki Green is a great guy to combine with all tones in pink, red, magenta and blue. As you can see Khaki Green can easily work with this bright Cobalt Blue.

Green-ish Teal

Green-ish Teal is a special colour that the Brits love. It is not an easy tone for upholstery.  I once had 2 comfortable chairs upholstered in teal cotton velvet. It took quite a while to sell them. Hence my suggestion to apply this sturdy tone on woodwork in a matt finish. You could think of side tables, vintage pantry cabinets or hallway benches.

Cobalt Blue

I like to end with Cobalt Blue. This striking hue in blue defines Retro Green; it the tone that gives the palette a bit of power. Burleigh Blue Calico  is the name of this pottery range in Cobalt Blue.  The reason that I give some attention to Burleigh Blue Calico is that this tableware could freshen-up a dining area or kitchen that has a bit of a dull outlook. Watch this video on the design process of a Burleigh Blue Calico teapot. It’s all about craftsmanship. And it does remind you a bit of Downton Abbey. Don’t you miss this weekly drama?


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