Washed Aquamarine

Washed Aquamarine is a colour palette that does well nearby the sea. It gives that little splash of powdery colours in a full sunlit room or deck. Apricot and Blue-ish Grey companion Washed Aquamarine in this palette. Together they create a colour impact that is not too soft and feminine. In case you add lots of whites, this colour combination will give a fresh outlook.

Washed Aquamarine

If you would have a sunlit room with high ceilings, you could consider to paint the ceiling in Washed Aquamarine. This optical trick will make the walls seem less high and massive. I have applied this trick in a small windowless loo with a toilet and a washbasin in artic white ceramic. I created a strip of 35 cm. on the very high end of each wall and painted both strips and ceiling in Washed Aquamarine. The rest of the walls  I washed in Artic White.

In order to give this little room the idea of natural light, I positioned a vintage French shade in glass above the washbasin. The loo was tiled in matt grey and I requested to colour the tile joints in anthracite grey. The reason for choosing this dark flooring for such a tiny room is pragmatic. I do not think you would like me to go a bit deeper on this subject. Enfin, if you have budget lavish on the tiles, than I would suggest to consider Spanish tiles in terracotta.

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