verde - 1

In yesterday’s post on Lammas I promised writing a bit more about the sofa in green cotton velvet. Well voila; in today’s moodboard you can see a living plastered in white and adorned with Italian heirlooms. The balance of colours is right. The plastered walls in white, the additional tones in pink and burgundy make the velvety green present but not dominant. And that is what I love about Verde (Italian for green). You can give this colour any role you like. It will adjust like a chameleon. The only condition that green has is the right combination with other colours.


Today’s colour palette consists of Verde, Neon Pink and Seagrass. I believe this palette has lots of contrasts and can be quite entertaining. Neon Pink can be applied as an additional tone for the reason that the named hue is quite full and fierce. Seagrass is such a subtle tone of blue-ish green that you might consider to apply this tone on bedroom walls or kitchen cabinets. As mentioned earlier green is everybody’s friend when applied well. In the next moodboard you can see a colour scheme that proves that Green should get an oscar for its role as a Chameleon.

Green no 2 - 1


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