Lammas is the name for an early- harvest festival. This ancient feast took place on the first day of August. For this feast, farmers made bread from their fresh wheat crop and donated the loaves to the Church. I can imagine that Lammas could be like an Oktoberfest with people celebrating the summer.  To get into this late summer mood I have prepared a colour palette that is quite strong, African Lily Blue, with Bottle Green and Pale Dove Grey.


Lammas is ideal to apply in a room with evening sun. The light will add a soft and warm glow to this set of cold tones in blue and green. The Pale Dove Grey, as mentioned in East Meets West is best to apply for colouring large surfaces like walls, dining tables and shelves.

Bottle Green in cotton velvet is a daring fabric to apply for upholstery. However it might become tiresome  after a season or two. In the next post I will start with a sofa in velvet bottle green. You could see for yourself whether this hue will keep you enthralled.

The last but not the least participant of the Lammas palette is African Lily Blue.  This blue is close to purple blue. Glazed pottery or glassware in blue will give the sun some surface to reflect her light. This reflection will remind you of the summer.

lammas african lily - 1
Notting Hill Gate, London


stellenbosch african lilies
Stellenbosch, South- Africa
stellenbosch african lilies 2
Kleine Zalze Lodge, Stellenbosch, South-Africa
kleine zalze african lilies
Kleine Zalze Lodge, Stellenbosch, South-Africa

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