The devil is in the detail. In East meets West I wrote about Oxblood Red. A tone that is a classic. However its presence can turn from greatness to boredom.  Hence my advice to handle warm colours like magenta and red with care.


When it’s time to harvest berries and grapes you will  observe the most striking tones of red and magenta. These hues could add a sense of lushness to your interiors. When it comes to warm colours I would like to suggest using this range as a desert and not as the main course. All tones of warm colours are great to apply in finishings, accessories and decorative objects. The ratio of such warm colours versus black, white, grey and tones of blue should be 3:7. Where ever you live (from Alaska to Cape Town and from Sydney to San Francisco), this is a receipt that applies anywhere in the world.

Last Saturday I found this sample of a mixed linen fabric. I’m not sure where to apply this fabric. Potentially it will end up as a log basket or a set of decorative cushions.

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