Faded Spring

Faded Spring

Faded Spring might be a bit of a melodramatic wording for a couple of washed tones in red, green and blue. However the combined force does great stuff in sunlit rooms where the light will bounce like a tennis ball. The benefit of a sunlit room is that everything in the rooms looks cheery and upbeat. In case you would add full colours to your interiors, you will get the same effect as what M&S’s do to kids. Another reason not to apply full bright colours to a sunlit room is that the colours will fade overtime.

Faded Spring

So in order to conserve the spirit of your sunlit room, I would like to suggest to add faded tones of strong colours like red, blue and green. For this palette I have chosen for Smoked Blue, Washed Magenta and Cooked Broad Bean Green. The named colours will get a stronger presence when light will touch their surface. The impact of the faded tones is subtle, powdery and fresh; like these spring recordings of birds in a private London garden.

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