Rough Paisley

Today it’s about a colour palette that is great to apply in lofts, penthouses and office buildings. Rough Paisley is a classic combination of  Faded Mandarine, Acid Yellow and Dark Khaki Green. It’s is the contribution of acid yellow that makes this palette not too seventies. In areas with high ceilings, endless walls and lots of light, this palette will add some intimacy that even men with beards will appreciate.

Rough Paisley

I would not recommend to plaster the walls in the listed tones. I believe Rough Paisley is the additional palette to the standard palette of white, black and tones of wood. Therefore ideal when refurbishing a rental. You could add rugs, window coverings, shades and upholstery in Rough Paisley.

Ideal for rentals

Woodwork (frames, desks, cabinets) would do great in Acid Yellow and Dark Khaki Green. The Faded Mandarine would need some consideration for the fact that this tone is an attention seeker. Probably best to apply this warm tone as an minimal accent. Rough Paisley as a joint force will add some colour to your sunlit home or office.

Do have a look at Farrow & Ball’s video on Yellowcake, number 279.

YELLOWCAKE from Farrow & Ball on Vimeo.

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