East meets West

east meets west

East meets West is a blend of tones in Navy Blue, Oxblood Red and Tobacco Brown. Its’ a classic palette applied many times in costumes (army), libraries, museums, studies and other official spaces. I’m not sure whether this combination as a framework will do in today’s living. However a comfortable sofa upholstered in navy blue cotton velvet or canvas could spice up the room that is lacking light.  Oxblood red is a beautiful hue in red. It is an attention seeker and might become boring. However as an accessory, Oxblood Red could finish a room. Like the piping of this beautiful Burberry jacket (see moodboard). The devil is in the details.

Rooms that do not get much light

The trick to make a room with less light more appealing, is in the flooring. The more reflection of light on the floor, the better. Hence the suggestion to consider finished wooden floorboards. You could even think of wooden floorboards in white paint.

Another trick to attract light, is to paint the walls in dove grey or artic white. Each tone make walls lighten up. Laura Ashley has the right tone in light grey.  It is called Pale Dove Grey.

Amsterdam canal house

I have lived for a couple of years on the top floor of an old Amsterdam canal house. Despite it’s many small windows the apartment was quite dark. Walls and woodwork of this rental were painted in traditional colours. I could not apply my trick with artic white or pale dove grey. The only trick to give the apartment a bit more light was to go for wooden floorboards in the whitest wash as possible. Here some photos that might give you an idea of the tricks I applied.

amsterdam canal house 0
Top floor one bed flat in the canal house with the black front and the white hat
amsterdam canal hosue 1
Wooden floorboards in chalk white that reflect the light and give the room an uplift
Amsterdam-canal house 3
Use small pieces of furniture


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