Live life in style with a bit more dash than cash. At the end of the day, you can not buy style with the single swipe of a card. It is about the fun to find the right additions to your home, garden or wardrobe. Dash is a term created by a Vogue UK editor.  Dash is the combined result of creativity and a sparkling touch of humour. Behind emilies is a bunch of experts that have dash in their dna. Dash is what make our hearts tick and we love to handover this style of living to you!


The relevance of emilies.com will grow overtime. Every day emilies will upload more content that eventually will develop in to a digital repository filled with tips & tricks on affordable luxury. This archive of good to knows, secrets of the trade could help you optimising your dash


Market | Festival

We would love to meet you in person and invite you to visit our stall. From Sunday 18.03.17 onwards we will trade at a market or festival. Each event has a reputation for good food and additional entertainment. Not to forget the historic location of each market or festival. As you might know, it’s all about location location

No matter what area of interest; home, garden or wardrobe. The common denominator is that we cherish the good stuff that we mix with some new. We love the dashing part of combining styles, materials and colours. The We is referring to a support team. There is a Stylist, a Retail Design Consultant, and a Sales Coach in luxury goods. Each member has the perfect balance of wit, charm and knowledge that makes this team strong


emilies is sourcing vintage gems. Each treasure has a story line. emilies's goal is to register and track each gem. Blockchain is the next step in the world of internet. With this framework people can track, trace and trade. This is the perfect methodology to pass on quality products with a story line.
emilies blockchain framework is not in place yet. In the mean time, our vintage gems are for sale at markets & festivals


emilies is looking for alternatives. Instead of discarding clothing or home decor items. What better way to re-use quality fabrics, woodwork, pottery or whatsoever. The outcome is bespoke and to use for a couple of more years. With this approach, we give discarded items a second life. emilies recycled items are for sale at markets & festivals. Check the market calendar for the next sales event


emilies' credo is to live life in style with a bit more dash than cash. With this lifestyle we try to live a bit more considerate. However we are currently not living in a convent. Sometimes your home or wardrobe would need something new. This to welcome a new season. Hence our suggestion to buy a quality product that bring in that touch of newness. New classics are handmade products that will mix perfectly with your current style


emilies.com is a growing archive. A digital repository filled with good to knows and secrets of the trade. Emilie, the editor of emilies.com, is a master in dash. With her tips and tricks she will teach you what is best to wear. What colour palette to apply in your home. Or what layout to choose for your garden. Subscribe to emilies newsletter, that will arrive in your mailbox halfway every month. It will add a bit of dash to your life

emilie stall at Ezra Street Market, E2 London

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