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Hi, I’m Emilie ! If you’re looking for recipes on Comfort Food. You landed in the right place! This blog is a collection of all my best recipes and cooking tips!

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fried garlic tomato sauce

This sauce should become your kitchen cabinet staple. Like Ketchup, this cold sauce goes with anything. A bowl of rice, some French fries, a Toastie. You name it

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how to read a recipe

Tips on how to read a recipe will help. When you would not have a lot of time on your hands. This page is set-up as a stack of Frequently Asked Questions. That have been listed. In the same order as that of my recipes

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Hi there! I’m Emilie

Every Wednesday there is a Farmer’s Market; close to my home. And this outdoor event landmarks my weekly- planning & stock management. Based upon the availability of quality products at the stalls, I stipulate a menu. For the upcoming 6 days.

This method helps me to create lovely meals throughout the week. And I must confess I spend less money on cravings. And last minute shopping sprees at the nearby supermarket. In case this would  appeal to you. Too. Please be my guest. And subscribe to my weekly newsletter.

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