Garden by the Sea

Emilies is growing online repository with tips & tricks for your home, garden and wardrobe. This archive of good to knows, secrets of the trade could help you optimising your dash. At the end of the day, it is not about cash.  It is about the fun to find the right additions to your home, garden or wardrobe.

We love to meet you and invite you to visit our stall. Every weekend starting from 14.03.18; you can find us on a festival or market with a combined collection of old and new. First of all; let’s meet at one of the markets | festivals that we will do this spring.


In near future an online showroom and a chat service will open at emilies.com. These tools could support you when finalising your seasonal wardrobe.

Home & Garden

Or maybe, you’re seeking for this little push into the right direction. We are there for you.


No matter what area of interest; home, garden or wardrobe.The common denominator is that we cherish the good stuff that we mix with some new. We love the dashing part of combining styles, materials and colours. The We is referring to a support team. There is a Stylist, a Retail Design Consultant, and a Sales Coach in luxury goods. Each member has the perfect balance of wit, charm and knowledge that makes this team strong.


emilies is about living your life in style. That is with a bit more dash than cash. Dash is about being charming . Unfortunately there is no key performance indicator or cost reduction factor for being dashing. The only argument is that nobody every denied the power of charm.


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Faded Spring
Faded Spring


Salmon Jungle; a perfect colour palette for early spring