Trading from a market, festival or fair is the best touchpoint to get to know you. emilies is a big fan of markets that sell quality products. In London emilies had a stall at Portobello Road,  Hampstead High Street and Ezra Street (Columbia Road Flower Market).

Lange Voorhout Market, The Hague

In the early days if 2018,  emilies applied for the Haags Antiek & Boekenmarkt at the Lange Voorhout in The Hague. This market is a golden oldie and popular amongst the locals and tourists. Hopefully the market manager is in favour of emilies and will assign us a stall at this beautiful place.

Lange Voorhout with its gravel walkways and linden trees is a joy to visit. Palaces and townhouses, built from 1700 onwards, add some grandeur to this leafy area. It’s the perfect spot for high-end markets and festivals. Hence emilies’ interest in joining the Haags Antiek & Boeken Markt. The market is open from mid May until mid September, every Thursday and Sunday from 10am – 18pm.

Kerkplein Market, The Hague

Another historic gem is  the Kerkplein, at the very heart of The Hague. This town square is connecting many centuries and architectural styles. The base of the Grote Kerk is from 1320. This church with its amazing windows in green glass is today’s location for concerts and exhibitions. At the other side of the square, there is The Hague’s old town hall built in 1564. This building with its crown-stepped gables and painted shutters add this touch of bygone times to the Kerkplein. Tourists love the old office building, opposite the old town hall.

This red brick was the former home of an insurance company that was founded in 1845. Berlage, an Amsterdam architect, was contracted in 1895 to design a home for this international organisation with business around the globe. To this day; tourists are walking around this building, looking up for coats of arms from various cities around the world. Each coat of arms represent the collaboration of the insurance company with Hamburg, Havana, Calcutta, Marseille and more.

Back to the Kerkplein; this year it will host the Home Made Market tour in March, May, August and September. Home Made Market is a lifestyle concept with an interesting line-up of festivals in the Netherlands. Emilies will not only join this specific stop. Please go to the event agenda for the complete overview of markets that we will join this year.

Other markets outside The Hague

Emilies will not stick to The Hague. Markets in Utrecht, Haarlem, Rotterdam and Amsterdam are our wish list. As soon we have received any more news, we will update the event agenda.