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sell on live stream

Start with selling on Instagram. And convert a small part of your store into a film studio. That locals and tourists love to visit. For a cup of great coffee, a chat. Or just to have a look at your  merchandise. Read More


Emilie Verbeek

why to sell on live stream?

Despite a rising amount

of unique online visitors. My stream of income is not as forecasted


my store has a perfect location. However its turnover doesn't cover all costs

emilies icon dollar sign


and less cash available to order new stock. I need to convert old stock into sales

Just start  | evaluate |  Improve 

To sell on live stream

It’s quite easy to set up live selling on Instagram. However stage fright might be the elephant in the room. Like me, Emilie. Despite many hours in front of a camera on national TV; I still am not comfortable. When filmed. So what could I do for you?

  • I share tips & tricks. And will make you more comfortable in selling on live stream
  • Your performance will improve through analytics


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follow me on instagram

Panier Emilie is the name of my business in organic spice mixes. And I will convert my learnings into a set of pragmatic tips & tricks


I will analyse Instagram streaming data versus your sales data. And together; we will make you more comfortable in selling live

when will it add up?

after a month

in which you have published reels, videos. Or you have been so bold to host a live selling session

this time next year

selling on live stream as an commercial activity has been fully integrated

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