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meatball on a roll

In the nordic countries a popular recipe for meat balls is a mixture of beef and pork mince. Ikea used to sell them. And their mixed meatballs were as popular as their Billy bookcase

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pickled cucumber salad

In July you can get those slim cucumbers. At some market stalls or specialists stores. Those little cucumbers have so much more taste. Than their tall sisters. This salad is about storing thin slices of cucumbers in a dressing of a fresh lemon, honey and salt. The listed combo will take care of the pickling

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sardines and blue cheese spread

The reason why I like this dish so much is that greasy sardines filets get baked for an hour in blue cheese and puff pasty. What better circumstances could a spread wish for?

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my cookings tips for you

how to make meatballs

From a friend, that worked at a local butcher shop in the south of Holland. I learned how to make meatballs. Made from a mix of beef & pork mince. And double coated with bread crumbs. With this post I like to handover her cooking tip to you

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how to make a vol au vent

This is a recipe for a French vol au vent. That literally means that it’s full of it. It a puff pastry box with a lid. That I remember was used to serve as a serving bowl or plate. So you were not expected to eat this show boat

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hi there! I’m Emilie


Every Wednesday there is a Farmer’s Market in the city centre of The Hague. That is my place to be. Since I left London in 2018. So for over 4 years I enjoy each weekly visit to the named market. Where I buy my dairy, fruits and vegetables for the upcoming 6 days. Based upon the availability of fresh produce I create meal plans. And write recipes. That I love to share with you 

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