Retro Manor

The title Manor Green has a bit of an autumn touch. And there is a dual cause for today’s choice. The weather in London has not been great lately. Due to ongoing rain the trees in the private garden down my window are turning yellow. Another signal is from retail; the shops on Kensington High Street have been fully re-stocked with the new fall collection

Washed Aquamarine

Washed Aquamarine is a colour palette that does well nearby the sea. It gives that little splash of powdery colours in a full sunlit room or deck. Apricot and Blue-ish Grey companion Washed Aquamarine in this palette. Together they create a colour impact that is not too soft and feminine. In case you add lots of whites, this colour combination will give a fresh outlook.


In yesterday’s post on lammas I promised to get back to on the green upholstered sofa in cotton velvet. Well voila; in today’s moodboard you can see a living plastered in white and adorned with Italian heirlooms. The balance of colours is right. The plastered walls in white, the additional tones in pink and burgundy make the velvety green present but not dominant. And that is what I love about Verde (Italian for green). You can give this colour any role you like. It will adjust like a chameleon. The only condition that green has is the right combination with other colours. 


Lammas is another word for an early harvest festival that took place ages ago on each very first day of August. Early on the farmers made bread from their fresh wheat crop and donated the loaves to the Church. I can imagine that Lammas could have been a sort of an early Oktoberfest with people celebrating the very end of the Summer.


The devil is in the detail. In East meets West I wrote about Oxblood Red. A tone that is a classic. However its presence can turn from greatness to boredom.  Hence my advice to handle warm colours like magenta and red with care. Harvest When it’s time to harvest berries and grapes you will  observe […]